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7 Tips to Successfully Increase Your Website Conversion Rate to 245%

Do you want to triple your sales?

Do you want more website traffic that converts into more leads and qualified customers?

In this post, we’re going to unpack seven tips to help you increase your conversion rate.

So, why is conversion rate so important? Anybody can build a website. However, not everybody has a website that generates a high amount of sales, leads, and customers.

But hey.. what is website conversion rate or otherwise known as conversion rate optimisation?

It is a process for increasing the percentage of visitors to a website or landing page that convert into customers, or more generally, take any desired action on that particular website. It can be making an appointment with you, getting an online sale or even just downloading an e-book. It depends on your goal.

A website is not just eye candy or just an online brochure. That is misinformation in this web industry everywhere around the world. A website should generate qualified leads and boost your business for you. Remember, you are running a business and not a beauty pageant. People are going to get confused about what is your objective.

Generate qualified leads and boost your business.

So, make sure that your website is generating as well as converting all of its traffic at the highest rate, and here are seven tips to help you do that and I’m going to break those down right now.

1. Less is more.

Keep your design smooth and straightforward. Don’t give somebody a tidal wave as soon as people visit your page as this is going to result in clicking the CLOSE button. Keep it clean and give a good user experience. Avoid clutter.

What you need to do is into your own wow line. Make it just one quick sentence, your wow line, which is what makes you different, basically what you do and why somebody should go with you. Tighten it up, don’t get too wordy. The wordier you are, the more people leave your site and kill your conversion rate.

A proper call to action is needed as well. You need to get them to take action so ensure your words and call to action are succinct. Long copywriting is OK only if you can pull it off. In fact, long copy sometimes sells more but it has to be done properly. If unsure, keep your USPs short and concise and your benefits in bullets as well. Images play a huge role if it’s impactful.

2. Does your website pass the 3-second rule?

Studies show that when one goes to a website and clicks something, they give you like 3 seconds before hitting the back button if ever they don’t find what they’re looking for. Therefore, within two and a half or three seconds, you have to make it very clear who you are, how to contact you, what you do, and how to move to the next step, it has to pass that test. Ensure it loads fast.. that is critical.

The 3-second rule for website optimisation.

So, try this out, take a quick look at your website, have your desk mates take a quick look at your site, maybe the members of your family, and see if they can come up with that answer, that fast. If they can, then you’ve just checked off that box.

3. Would you pick you?

Try this, go to search for your competitors, click on their website quick, click through five, six, seven, maybe ten or more of your competitors’ websites and look at them. And then look at your own and be honest with yourself, do you think you appear the best? Would you pick you?

Competitive analysis.

Because your customers are doing that same process when they’re researching who they need to do business with and they’re going to dwindle it down to the top two or three, and that’s going to come down to design. So, if you’re not in that mix, you’re missing out on conversions, and that’s an area that you can tighten up.

4. Websites with high conversion rates, also have elevated trust.

People aren’t going to give you their money if they don’t trust you, so make sure you have trust badges, you highlight some of your awards maybe some achievements that you’ve had, perhaps how many years you’ve been in business and also testimonials. And also, show some of your reviews online as social proof. Social proof is very powerful. By showing them the reviews on your site or external sites, it’s preventing them from feeling like they need to go off of your website to validate whether you are bonafide or not or in other words.. if they can really trust you or not.

So, by showing those things throughout your site, it’s giving them the confidence that they need, the trust that they need to convert.

5. Have smooth, easy navigation and a clear thought out conversion funnel.

When somebody comes onto your website and lands on your page, they need to be able to understand how to get where they want to go. If that’s difficult, you’re going to lose them. They need to know where to go, and then think out that conversion funnel process. They’re going to come in on my home page, and then they’re going to go to this page, then they’re going to go to that page.

A sales conversion funnel that works.

Think that experience out, so that you are sharp all the way through. It’s a clear path to conversion. If you have a clear path to conversion, you’re going to have a higher conversion rate.

6. An emotional copy is a key to a high conversion rate.

Emotions move people. It sells. It is proven and you should use it on your website and marketing.

So, you want traffic coming to your site that’s very targeted, that wants what you provide. By having clear ad copy, as well as website copy that appeals to their emotions, are key. So when they click that and go to your site, it’s the same information that they were seeing, that there’s a connection there, and you’re not going to lose them. Connect with them not logically but emotionally.

An emotional copy is a key to a high conversion rate.

If you’re putting up information, social media posts, things that are not relevant to your business, and that traffic are coming to your site, and it’s not going to convert, it’s going to hurt your conversion rate because you are targeting them in the wrong way.

7. Test and check your site on mobile.

So many business owners get caught up at work looking at their site on the desktop, and it looks impressive, but they’re failing to check it on the mobile phone.

Make sure your website is mobile responsive.

Check it on the mobile phone, check it on multiple devices, make sure it loads well, looks good. Make sure that your call to actions are above the fold, meaning that when somebody loads your home page, they don’t need to scroll down to see that information it should be there right away. Cause if it’s not, you’re failing on the two and a half second rule, and you’re losing out on conversions.

Hopefully, this blog post helps you understand the seven tips to increase your overall conversion rate, and maybe you can take a couple of those back to the bank and cash that in on your website, improve your overall conversion rate.

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