[PODCAST] Growing Your Business During The COVID-19 Downturn



Hey this is Max the “Mad” Marketer from De Mellows, Singapore’s leading digital agency with clients all over the world that have generated tons of success and money of course. 

Today, our podcast is about something serious.

COVID-19 has caused catastrophic damage to the world and companies are no different.

Here are some quick tips on how as businesses you can probably realign and push forward.

#1 : FOCUS  your efforts on digital.

With more and more roadshows, exhibitions, conferences, and other events being postponed or canceled and “social distancing” becoming the new buzzword, companies are impacted adversely. People are now online more than ever, and hence you could focus on digital marketing rather than traditional marketing like billboards, posters, flyers, and brochures. The more channels you are in, the more reach you are going to get! Spend more on creating useful content and also spend on ads for more visibility. 

#2 : E-commercify your products/services 

 If you are selling something, regardless of how it is priced, you can probably get it online because people are now buying online more than ever, for they fear the “human touch.” They want to avoid getting in contact with our fellow species, and so they probably will shop online more, and if you are selling a lot of consumer goods, you can probably go online to sell or jump onto the vast array of E-retailers. 

Even professionals are giving consultation online via different platforms like Zoom, Webex, Gotomeeting, and others and getting paid via their website by integrating various payment providers like Paypal, Stripe, and others. Booking appointments are also accessible with 3rd party booking applications, which your prospect or client can book for an online meeting. 

#3 : Improve Your Online Conversion

Search traffic is dropping, but what about the ones who are coming to your website? Now is the time to focus even more and take great advantage of the measly numbers trickling in. 

Conversion optimization is crucial to make you generate more qualified leads. You can easily double your profits if you ensure that you improve the customer journey and implement conversion techniques onsite.  So with the traffic slowing down and fewer people visiting your business, conversions are key.

#4 : Webinars 

Webinars are the in thing right now. 

Webinars can position you as the subject matter expert. If you have a digital agency that can help you, you can even make powerful webinars not only with you but with influencers, though, and industry leaders who will create a significant impact on your target audience. 

The last but not least: Weakened Competitors

Now your competitor is probably going to cut spending online, So you can see that there is less competition, isn’t it? So when there is less competition, you don’t need a massive war chest to be visible and compete with your competitors. The field will become less congested, and hence you can spend less to be equally, if not more visible, and get your message to your target market. On the other hand, people are jumping online so it may become congested real soon.


Also, many companies are going bust, so if you have the cash, go and buy them over.That will help grow your market share easily and streamline processes so you can scale and be the leader.

Yes, COVID-19 is here to stay, and we will lose many good people along the way. Life is cruel, but we should not bow down and take the beating without a fight.

It would be best if you kept the ship steady. The only way is to move forward. Steer well! 

It is bye from Max the “Mad” Marketer from De Mellows– Singapore’s leading digital agency. Stay safe ! 


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