What is a full Software Development Life Cycle?


Software development life cycle or most commonly known as SDLC is a cycle during which software gets fully developed. It is your A to Z of getting your software done and only applicable generally for those who are looking at building a software for your IT needs. At this point in time, everyone wants some form of customised application. This is not a technical article and it is for everyone. We do not want to go into details.

First thing you need to do is gather all the requirements you need with regards to the software that you are going to use or develop. Then think about the design . When you have already figured out all the requirements, then you should start thinking about the design known as UI ( user interface ). All you have to do is draw different wireframes or sketches of how the process and layout will look like and also the flow. You must also choose which technology you are going to use for resources plus also understand the estimated time and development.

There is also a phase called development and coding. In this phase, it is where you start developing the product. The decision you have made in Design phase will be the basis of the code. The developers on the other hand, perform unit testing and integration testing to make sure everything works perfectly well. The codes will be checked and reviewed by senior members of the team and if the development is complete, that would be the time that the product will be sent for testing.

When we talk about testing, the development product is tested by testers or the QA Engineers. These will be for both positive and negative testing. If there are errors found on the product, it will be sent back to the development team to fix it immediately. Once it is fixed, the testers will test it again and execute regression testing (this is for testing the whole product). If it’s all good, the product will be turned over to the client for testing to see how comfy they are with the app.

One last thing to focus on is the deployment or maintenance as once everything is done completely, the product will be installed on client’s machine. And if there are troubles or some issues then the maintenance will be done by the one who developed it.

Above are some tips that you need to know with regards to building great software for your company. It’s really not easy at all but then if you have a great team doing it for you either internally or with a vendor, then you are good to go. You just need to plan everything well and the partner whom you are working with can aid you in this stage. Before you start these phases, the first thing you need to do is to talk to your company, management and users about the objectives of the project, who are your expected clients, what are the requirements, etc. This will then make it a great software!

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