5 Super Easy Ways to Improve Your Online Presence

Online Presence

What has always been some sort of a problem for business owners in Singapore and around the world? Improving their online presence.

Business owners have difficulties in looking for a way that their customers find information about their products or services. How would they be able to peddle their products if their presence is not optimal?

There are some tools and techniques you can use to increase your organization’s online presence and these are immensely precious when assimilated into your digital marketing strategy.

    1. Optimizing your Search-ability

Optimizing your Search-ability

Keywords can be misleading and rather competitive depending on the space you are in. Every industry is becoming more competitive especially in the search arena like Google, Yahoo and Bing. It’s essential to be researching and tweaking your target keywords on a regular basis to ensure that you are maximizing your potential online reach. This is for ads if you are doing Adsense or ads on Bing and Yahoo as well.

If you are doing SEO (which every company should) then sustaining the momentum and increasing multiple related keywords can often help get a huge portion of potential traffic and customers in search engine results. The days of keyword stuffing are gone and now search engines look for diversity linking . Identify which words your customers are using to search for your product or service, rather than applying industry jargon that numerous people may not be familiar with or whatever keywords that you feel is important. Many a times we do not see from the customer’s perspective on how they are searching for. A good FREE tool is Adwords Keyword research. Go ahead and try that before plotting your strategy.

    1. Claim your Listing Locally and Expand on What Your Business Offers

Claim your Listing Locally

Having your company’s current information listed in local directories makes your customers feel more agreeable, and it makes you look more professional and relevant to them. Ensure that you are listed locally in local directories as well.

Expand your business presence and include more information. All you have to do to claim your business space is to visit it on Google Maps and validate the information, and then manage your page. Very simple. You can even embed the maps on your website for people to find you easily. If you are having a store, you can also show how it looks like inside so as to give your customers a virtual tour before they physically arrive. This feature is there in GOOGLE as well.

    1. Don’t Use Your Keywords in Your Google Places Title


Not only will this make you look bad in Google Places, there’s also high chance that it will get you suspended from Google Places as it’s against their terms and conditions. Using 3 to 4 local keywords and phrases can work well for you. It’s also better to include your city name in the keyword in order to get the most out of your local audiences; and people are likely to insert this kind of information into the search bar, allowing people to easily find your business.

    1. Hit the Right Categories, Provide Useful Information, and Request Feedback


Giving your customers as much information as possible about your business is important in building trust, which will increase your conversion and acquisition rate. Add a couple of photos , testimonials and videos of your company, so that clients may know about your company and its culture. This doesn’t help great in SEO, but it does get attention as people are naturally drawn towards pictures and graphics on a page.

A beautiful site won’t hurt either. It will in fact pull rather than push. On the other side of the spectrum an ugly site is worse than no website. So ensure that you get the right web development company to do the work for you.

Customer evaluations are important as a ranking factor as Google views it as a sign of trustworthiness, so it pays to have a steady stream of authentic and honest reviews of your business. Ensure its genuine though and not just for the sake of having stars around your company listing.

    1. Keep it simple and build your email list.


Your website is your turf where you can capture your customers with considerable ease if you know how to play it right and have the right system in place. It’s the place you have all the right tools to portray your company in the proper light to discerning customers who are looking for your service.

Do you want them to fall in love with you?

Do you want to chase them away?

Do you want to entice them with something?

What is your game plan… seriously?

When it’s too complicated, or not explicitly stated what you want people to do, you are probably going to lose them and hence potential income..

Your business, including your product and your customers will be able to create a good relationship if you apply these 5 simple ways to increase your online presence and Brand equity. Building trust between you and your clients may not be easy as one mouse click but it may help you achieve your business goals in the long run if implemented step by step and constantly.

The rule is to keep working at it constantly. So keep on working or if you are busy get a competent online marketing team to do the work for you!

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