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Singapore branding agency:
What to look for when choosing one

When it comes to running a business, there are many considerations to keep in mind. As a result, branding in Singapore is an often overlooked aspect of marketing, even for big companies with more resources to dedicate. Even when companies decide to invest in their brand, this field is specialised and can be challenging to navigate, especially for those inexperienced in branding. It may thus be prudent to seek an outside source for their expertise. A branding agency will not only help you address urgent problems concerning your brand identity, such as your logo, they will also help you reframe and refresh the way others look at your business.

While brand identity is much more than just a logo, there may be occasions where a simple logo design, or in some cases, redesign, is what the company needs. That said, most branding activities can go much further than that. Simply knowing what you want from a branding partner will significantly help you in selecting the best marketing agency for your business. These are a few pointers to keep in mind while choosing a branding agency that’s right for you:

First Impressions

First Impressions

The old phrase about first impressions is not wrong. The way the Singapore branding agency engages your company in the early stages of your partnership will reveal a lot about their energy, enthusiasm, service quality, and attention to detail. This will no doubt translate into how they approach your work as well.

  • Do they understand your business and shortcomings? 
  • Is the idea of working with your company exciting to them? 
  • When it comes to phone calls and emails, do they respect your time? 
  • Can they ask the right questions to show that they understand your needs? 
  • Do they take the time to answer your questions and explain their methods and strategies to you? 

These are some questions to consider while interacting with the agency to help you determine if they respond well. An uncomfortable relationship with the agency, especially one so close-working, can only produce awkward and below-par results. In contrast, a genuinely compatible good working atmosphere will produce truly remarkable results.

Having a Track Record

Having a Track Record

When choosing a Singapore branding agency, businesses should choose one with a diverse portfolio and with a good track record in delivering results. This is important as it gives proof of the agency’s level of expertise. Thus, making it possible to see if it can deliver up to your expectations.

You cannot trust an agency that has not been in the industry for a good amount of time and has not worked with a diverse range of clients. A diverse portfolio also means that the agency has accomplished quality work in multiple industries. This would be reflected in their records, capturing the brand’s spirit and showcasing a range of creative styles.

Although having experience in your particular market industry is a positive sign, it should not be your deciding factor. This is because an agency that specialises in a specific industry is often less equipped to make a highly differentiated brand experience within that space. Instead, an agency that is used to working outside your industry is likely to offer a new and fresh perspective on the visuals and positioning of your company.

Delivering results 

Delivering results

Every agency should deliver results. Quality agencies leave quality digital footprints. When it comes to selecting a Singapore branding company, the key is to search for these footprints. Client testimonials are one of the most visible indicators of a company’s credibility. Former clients’ testimonials, whether prominently shown on their website or accessible upon request, include first-hand social evidence of an agency’s competence.

Do remember: the aim is to find an agency that can use its market industry experience to produce exclusive, accessible content that enhances your company’s messaging, design, and outlook. Most branding agencies just do creatives and top-level strategies, leaving companies unsettled and unresolved. Does your branding agency help you with the marketing aspect which is critical in today’s world? A nice looking brand with no strategy for successful digital marketing outreach will not really aid you in your cause to reach the next level.

Therefore, while choosing an agency, don’t choose one with expertise in your niche but fails to recognise the unique aspects of your business. They should also know how to project you digitally online because if your business is not going to increase sales, then that branding exercise is basically cosmetic. It will yield no tangible results. Don’t be put off if an agency’s portfolio doesn’t provide a brand experience that’s similar to what you’re looking for.

“What matters is that they have a track record of
successfully resolving the complex problems that
each of their previous clients have faced.”

You can always try to see if they have a proven process or methodology. 

A Well Defined Process

A Well Defined Process

Successful branding in Singapore boils down to established, evidence-based methodologies when it comes to procedures. A competent branding company would have an articulated mechanism that guarantees high-quality work and is completed on schedule and under budget. 

Their stages of planning and imaginative implementation should be focused on empirical facts from a data-driven, research-based methodology. You can also ask how they would help brands like yours distinguish themselves from rivals to ensure that the branding agency has a well-defined framework and research-based strategy. An emphasis on analysis, including in-depth consumer interviews and the rich perspectives they offer, is a hallmark of a serious agency.

The Right Expertise 

Right Expertise 

When it comes to choosing a Singapore branding company, expertise is also an important factor worth considering. Most agencies have identical skills or facilities.

“Expertise, or the demonstrated ability to carry out the
complexities of those skills, is where you’ll see significant
gaps between the organisations you’re considering.

Specialised services such as in-depth brand evaluation, a tried-and-true naming procedure, and the potential to clarify a messy brand architecture are among these complexities. They should know how to take you from where you are to the next realm of success. They should show you their blueprint. 

The branding agency you are considering should have tried-and-true strategies and placement techniques. They should also provide immersive artistic implementation to bring the brand to life in a manner that is able to elicit the “Wow!” reaction from viewers.

Even the most powerful and most comprehensive range of skills is rendered worthless without the strong support of powerful execution. The branding company has to be competent with its work, as well as its work ethics. It has to have the necessary experience, the skill required, and the talent wanted. It also has to have expertise in the business, on top of its other skills and expertise. It is to be your one-stop destination for the improvement of your brand image and the way that people view your company. 

Cost of the Agency 

Cost of the Agency

Price is obviously an important factor, particularly in today’s demanding market. Pricing, on the other hand, need not be the most critical factor in your decision. Keep in mind that you are paying for the level of service you want to get. Cheap branding companies are often unable to provide high-quality work, which may end up giving you major headaches down the line.

“Investing in branding is an investment in
the face of your company. A good agency will
not overpromise and underdeliver.”

They will be honest and realistic about the results your budget will be able to produce. It’s also crucial to talk about instalment plans and revision costs upfront, so that there are no unpleasant surprises later. Your contract agreement will most likely specify a maximum number of modifications allowed before they are deemed an extra work order. Check to see if this is something you’ve budgeted out for in your branding strategy.

Of course, as the saying goes: You pay peanuts and you get monkeys. This also applies to brand agencies and marketing agencies in Singapore. However, that does not necessarily mean that the more expensive they are, the better they are. Boutique brand agencies can also deliver great results, and sometimes at a fraction of the cost, because they are agile and have the experience and expertise. 

Do your homework wisely before you choose the right vendor. You should know very well that a branding exercise is no joke, and it is quite a tedious process. But rest assured, it will bring you and your business to the next frontier of success! 

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