Successful Video Ads Tips

3 Simple But Successful Video Ads Tips

In today’s day and age, with so many advertising and marketing possibilities, it is difficult to know exactly what advertising opportunities to choose.

Videos are powerful, and many companies are not taking advantage of this. We will share with you 3 video ad tips for you to not only create excellent videos but also get leads and sales from these endeavours. Enjoy!

Know What Your Objectives Are

You have to know exactly what your main goal is and why you are in business in the first place. Unfortunately, it is particularly prevalent for established and growing companies to lose sight of their true focus and move in directions that do not serve their primary purpose. 

“Unless and until you know who your target audience
is and what appeals to them, it will be difficult to gain
traction in your video marketing.”

You need to understand what your main objectives are. Do you?

If your goal is to generate leads or sales, create a checklist of what appeals to your potential customers and list as many as you can. Then, arrange them from most powerful to least powerful, and shortlist them by eliminating those at the bottom of the list. With this, you can create a potentially powerful video for your branding and marketing.

Get Your Messaging Proper

Once you are back on track, take time to evaluate your sales messages and create a clear and concise path to your consumer discovery.
Make sure your voice, tone and language are right.

Big brands will understand what their brand voice and style is. You need to create yours. If you are not clear on your voice, tone, and message, you may have to create one. You can do this by understanding the market and prospects you are trying to attract and searching for similar good examples. Pay attention to your competition and industry players, as well as those in other industries, to get great ideas.

“When you know where you want to go, dare to explain exactly
why your product is superior, how your business processes benefit
the target audience and why it can crush everything else.”

You have to create a compelling offer with the right words! Your script must be spot-on. You have to entice them to fall in love with your brand. It is all about love, babyyyyyy!

Use emotions coupled with logic to appeal to them. Just logic won’t move your audience. However, people buy on emotions and justify with logic, so it is good to infuse both of them in your video.

Create Multiples And Then Scale The Best

A single video will not generate optimal results. Testing with multiple videos and angles with different content is key here. Once your video content is created, don’t think for a second that your job is done. Throw out your content and conduct tests to see what resonates with your potential customers because what you think and feel may not be the same as what your potential customers think and feel. We cannot assume anything in marketing.

For instance, if you run a video ad on Facebook, choose your first audience meticulously and execute a test. Don’t be astonished if the content of your video does not in itself strike a chord with your current or potential customers. You must always have a strategy.

Create multiple videos and target different audiences and let them run or share them with your target audience. You always need to test to see what kind of videos really do appeal. Your target audience is the best judge, not you. Work on new videos or even content and wait until your existing video loses momentum.

You can also create an A/B test (split test) to test a new video idea against the current version. You will probably, sooner or later, understand what kind of sentiments your audience will appreciate and what they will hate based on the response, clicks and CTRs as conversion. It depends on what metrics you want to measure it by. But ultimately, the conclusion is to test appropriately and constantly and create new videos to see which ones have the OOOMMPPHH factor!

So, in essence, you always need to come up with innovative and powerful messaging and ensure you test them well.

Always Be Testing is the old age axiom that holds true.

Always Be Listening to your customers. That will help you get videos that can help you grow your brand today in Singapore or anywhere in the world!

Not to worry if you are still at a loss where to start with your video ads. Get a free consultation with us by emailing us at We promise you that it will be worth it.


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