Search engine Optimization ( SEO )


While many people are trying to promote themselves as the best SEO experts, they however do it wrongly. They pay Google to do it via sponsored ads. I mean.. cmon! If you are really an SEO expert , why don’t you bring your site up without paying Google to do it in the organic search listings? It bewilders me!

As a Singapore SEO consultant, we rank high in our keywords like Singapore web design, Web design Singapore, Singapore web designer and Singapore ecommerce. We are on the 1st page and better still.. we are on the first few actually! This shows our prowess and our talent in ensuring that we can compete by virtue of our hard work and talent. We do not pay search engines to market Search engine packages like the other companies do! We don’t! We are the real deal and the taste of the pudding is in the eating and here you go!

Getting high ranking in Google is not an easy task. It takes months and I know certain individuals working on that for years but to no avail. I guess they do not want to engage a professional SEO company to do that for them. As a Singapore SEO company we pride in ensuring our clients from all over the world are given great service as well as their demands are met. As much as we want to give them what they want, reality is different. Clients have different budgets, motives, targets and styles. We have to manage them carefully and give them the best advice possible. Listen.. they are paying clients and everyone who even gives us a dollar should be given proper guidance. That is not to say we are cheap! But we are here to provide the best bang for your buck and hence we have our reliable track record to back up our self flattery

There are many different methods of getting the site to the top but everyone will agree that the main fulcrum it rests on is following the Google guidelines. Secondly, ensure content is there! If you do not have anything then forget about ensuring first page success especially when the competition has gone up a million fold as compared to 5 years ago! Everyone wants a slice of traffic and we know what traffic can do for you. Yes… more eyes watching will mean more conversion which will lead to profits! It is is simple maths my friends and I am very sure that you want that end of that equation

Many people try to do themselves which is not recommended by us at all as you do not have the expertise nor the time! Why not focus on your business and customer service while we focus on online marketing and SEO for eyeballs. It takes 2 hands to clap and we want to be the other hand. More heads make better solutions is it not? We have seen people who stinge on their SEO marketing campaign that they end up shutting down because they try to do too many things at the same time. Unless you are a terminator who does not sleep, then it is better you assign the job to someone reliable. Someone you trust.. it can be us !

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