Why Webinars Are Awesome

Why Webinars Are Awesome

About Webinars

Webinars are an economical substitute to hosting an in-person event. They can also build your brand, help establish you and your company as an industry leader and generate leads to name a few.

Why Webinars Are Awesome

One of the main advantages of having webinars is that they are location flexible. The host can be living in one part of the world while the guest and audience members partake in the webinar from anywhere elsewhere in the world.

This gives your audience a better chance of attending a webinar, as opposed to physically attending a seminar (or conference), where they have to book a flight and reserve a hotel room.

Webinars are also flexible in regards to format. The content in a webinar can be recorded and shared or repurposed in a variety of formats.

On top of the flexibility webinars offer, they also have the power to grab the attention of your audience.

Webinars are also ideal for allowing two-way communication between you and the audience. If they have a question about the presentation or the product you’re showcasing, they can ask you in real-time which may help eliminate barriers to conversion.

Webinars also give audience members direct access to the speaker. Since the speaker is generally an authority figure or thought leader, this gives attendees unprecedented access, which is is both an enticing reason to attend and a way to build trust.

2 thoughts on “Why Webinars Are Awesome”

  1. Laura Sanders

    Hi De Mellows. Thanks for this insightful article, right in time as I am planning to use webinars for my coaching business. Do you have any suggestions of the top webinar software out there?

    1. Hi there Laura, thanks for stopping by. Webinars must be tailored to seduce your customers to get them to take action ie. buy or book an appointment. The platform regardless of any provider does not really matter. A lot of them are out there but what matters is you need to create that funnel to the webinar and the webinar script has to work properly.

      It’s great that you’re planning to use webinars, go for it, you will surely see the benefits!

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