90% Govt Grant for Digital Marketing


Finally.. A lifeline to grow your business!

Grants can provide a great boost to your business, and if you are on the outlook for one, you have landed at the right place!

With award-winning expertise, De Mellows has got your back for all your digital marketing needs! Our 360-degree approach helps to provide holistic solutions to boost your business.

We take pride in our over 12 years of marketing experience, which has enabled us to develop an apt market insight and strong ties with market giants over the years. One of the abundant benefits of partnering with a seasoned digital media firm in Singapore is our expert opinion on grants.

The Singapore Government has launched several grants to facilitate businesses. You must know the options made available to you to survive the COVID-19 storm.

Enterprise Development Grant

Enterprise Development Grant (EDG) is a Singapore Govt grant that is a fine catalyst to stimulate innovation, including new ventures and up-gradation of existing business models.

GREAT NEWS NOW THOUGH- It is now open for SMEs who want to grow their business through digital marketing. You can now partner with us so we can reach out to your audience using Google, Facebook, Instagram, and other channels with proven strategies so you can generate more leads and enquiries.

Providing up to 90% grant to companies economically hit by Covid-19, and 80% coverage to others, EDG provides an opportunity to push the resume button for your business avenues that were put on hold. But this is not just about the ones affected but it is about the SMEs to grow with proper marketing as, without marketing and sales, a company will cease to function.

Compared to Capability Development Grant (CDG) and Global Company Partnership (GCP), where the former focused on capability development and the latter on foreign ventures, EDG is a more comprehensive grant encompassing both aspects.

What sets the EDG Apart from Other Grants?

Of plentiful grants offered by the Government of Singapore, why go for EDG? The answer is simple: it provides a holistic solution to all your business needs. EDG is not a single-track road, instead, it is based on three major avenues:

  • Productivity and Innovation
  • Market Access
  • Core Capabilities

Eligibility Criteria

Are you registered and operating in Singapore?

Do you have a minimum local shareholding of 30% or more?

Are you in a financially viable state of initiating and completing a project?

If your answer to all three questions above were in affirmative, then you are in for some good news!

You are eligible for the EDG and now is the best time because it is up to 90% in funding for your marketing which is in fact the lifeline of every organisation!

You need a proven agency who can give sound advice and strategy as well as ongoing support and execution to grow in this very testing period. The world is in a crisis and rather than crying over spilled milk, we should do something about it. Remember, the ones who win are the ones who keep on fighting.

For more information, contact us for a free consultation with a proven system that has made millions for our clients.

Let us take care of your business needs and turn this hardship into an opportunity – “In the midst of every crisis, lies great opportunity!”

Go get it!

NOTE: EDG application is subject to evaluation and approval by ESG.

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