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[ PODCAST ] Episode #3: What Works For SEO In 2019 For SMEs

What Works For SEO In 2019 For SMEs

TRANSCRIPT: Target Multiple Keywords For SEO

Hey everyone, Alex lee here from De Mellows, Singapore’s leading digital agency. We help businesses get more clients and grow their business and authority online.

Today I’m going to share with you some tips about what’s working for SEO for SMEs. Stay tuned.

Quality is the key to good content.

Even if you fill your website with all sorts of contents, quality should always be kept and prioritize. Quality over quantity, we heard it many times how important this is, even more today that Google is getting more sophisticated on determining how good your website content is. This is also included in SEO marketing trends of 2019. 

Don’t dismiss linkless mentions.

You might probably be ignoring countless linkless mentions over the contents you are making, today it becomes as important as backlinks as factors for content quality. Social media like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube mentions plays an undeniably important role when it comes to website quality as years go by. 

SEO marketing trends for Google and beyond.

Google rankings is what we always thought when it comes to SEO, the internet is changing, the SEO is changing, the algorithm and technology behind are evolving. Nearly all website and business owners around the globe are competing for Google rankings. 

2019 is a big year for mobile, entrepreneurs will have to optimize their content to follow Google’s mobile updates, apple’s algorithm for those with businesses with Apple and so on. Google’s priority on mobile is on speed and structured data which will be a big factor in the mobile ecosystem.  

Nevertheless, always keep in mind that the content we are making should be appealing to its targeted audience. The better your content is, the higher Google will rank it.

So there you have it. That sums up what’s working  for SEO in 2019 for SMEs. Thank you for listening and email us at ask@demellows.com ( a s k @ d e m e l l o w s .com ) and get your free consultation today. 

Target Multiple Keywords For SEO

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