Boring Product Fun

Making a Boring Product Fun

Do you have a product that you think might be the most boring thing that is impossible to entice your consumers to buy? That’s not true! We will be sharing 3 advertisements that turned the most mundane product into a hot selling pancake. 

1. Got Milk?

Who knew milk could make a brand? The iconic ‘Got Milk?’ tagline resonated with many Americans when it was created, with an estimated 80% of consumers being exposed to the campaign daily. The California Milk Processor Board (CMPB) sought to make milk great again when the popularity of milk was declining. The campaign was completely novel and took a turn when it positioned to show the consequences of not drinking milk. They strategically created a problem and solved it. Take a look at the advertisement below:

The creative direction of the ad is highly applauded and proved to be one of the biggest successes. Sales of milk skyrocketed to 755 million gallons in 1993. Milk became more than a product and soon turned into a brand. Never would one imagine that milk will become one of the most sought after products celebrities and brands such as Oreo is seeking partnerships with. The tagline ‘Got Milk?’ has become so iconic that it got reproduced in spoofs and imitations. Did you know there is even a special edition ‘Got Milk?’ Barbie? How amazing is that! 

Takeaways: You can promote a most boring product with an exciting and novel direction and this time it was through a creative tagline.

2. Tipp-ex

A correction tape? Sounds boring! Everyone knows what’s a correction tape and its uses, how do you blow up this product? Tipp-ex did it with their ‘hunter shoots a bear’ interactive ad. Watch the ad below and see for yourself how engaging it is:

The engagement of the video was amazing:

  • More than 46 million views
  • More than 1 million shares on social media 
  • Sales increased by more than 30% 

Why was that so? The video took viewers by complete surprise, it was super interactive and positive. The video gave the experience of writing over a correction tape in an interesting manner, super creative!

3. Beldent

Sounds like creative is key isn’t it from the other two stories above. This last ad we are sharing is for a chewing gum. Trident gum made a social experiment out of the ad by pairing identical twins and getting one to chew a gum. Check out the ad here:

The campaign was a huge success with more than 7 million views. The brand was subtly promoted in the ad, engaging viewers through an experiment to de-stigmatise the product rather than through hard-selling. This worked to be highly effective. The ad was positive, novel and surprised consumers. 

There definitely seems to be a trend for these campaigns that turned a boring product into a fun one. Promoting your brand or product in an original and creative way is the way to go but we know not everyone has creative juices flowing everyday. We are happy to throw in a formula for you to take note of: CAN elements. 

  • Connectedness 
  • Appropriateness 
  • Novelty 

CAN element is a simple guideline as you try to get creative and relevant with ads or campaigns for your brand. If you are feeling lost, fret not because we are here for you. We have a FREE consultation for you and we can discuss your brand and marketing strategies over a cup of tea. Email us at today for a free consultation.


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