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[ PODCAST ] Episode #1: 3 Ways To Target Multiple Keywords For SEO

How Do You Target Multiple Keywords For SEO?

TRANSCRIPT: Target Multiple Keywords For SEO

Hello everyone, Alex Lee here from De Mellows Singapore’s leading digital agency. We help businesses get more clients and grow their business and authority online.

Today I’m going to share with you how to create a search engine loved content and come up with multiple keywords that can rank well. Here are three ways to help you find and target the right keywords to rank for in your quest to get more qualified customers. Target Multiple Keywords For SEO

In the SEO world, a lot of times, you have a list of phrases and terms, keywords that you want to rank for. What’s more important now is matching intent rather than matching the exact phrase. You need to target user intent, and it makes it even easier to target multiple keywords into one piece of content because of this. User intent is basically what they are likely to say or do and to try to ascertain their intention. 

1. Utilise Google to help you generate related keywords.

 Google provides the most relevant searched content, so you should use it to generate related keywords. When you search for a keyword in Google, there will be several contents that will show up. There’s the auto-suggest, wherein when you start typing, suggestions start to populate automatically. Another way is the related searches. After you click enter, you will see the related searches if you scroll down to the bottom of the search results page. Use That! 

2. Try using LSI keyword generator.

I’m not sure if you’re familiar with LSI. It stands for Latent Semantic Indexing, wherein Semantic means, “relating to meaning.” It finds phrases and terms that are related to each other. My favourite One popular LSI generator is LSIGraph, which provides related keywords for whatever search term you have. It’s free, so try that as well. Google LSI graph. IT is free! 

3. Make use of “seed” keywords.

Do you know what seed keywords are and how it works? It helps you find out what terms real people are searching for in your target market. It can help you expand your keyword list for your target market. This will work best if you have precise questions to ask and a broad target audience that is likely to respond. Target Multiple Keywords For SEO

Just go to,  which is s e e d k e y w o r d, click “Create Your Scenario Now”, and type in your search query. You have to type in a question to your audience. As people respond, your keyword list will automatically grow. 

So there you go. That sums up the three ways to help you find and target the right keywords to rank for. Thank you for listening and email us at ( a s k @ d e m e l l o w s .com ) and get your free consultation today. 

Target Multiple Keywords For SEO

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