7 Digital Trends in 2018 That You Need To Take Note

Digital Trends

The digital technology is on the rise to sophistication and global acceptance so rapidly that predicting accurately what to come in upcoming years will never be easy. Trends are changing faster than they can be implemented. With such a nail-biting competition among brands and companies, it is an absolute necessity to incorporate emerging trends in your strategic planning for 2018. Explore the 7 most credible digital trends in 2018 and ride the waves of change to the success.

1. More natural and instinctive ways of interaction:

With voice and images rapidly replacing old and tactile ways of interaction involving fingers and thumb in all the forms of technology we can expect the end of typing in coming years. These natural and instinctive ways of communication provide greater interaction and understanding and eliminate most of the confusions. Though it will be a hard task to achieve, it would be a tremendous implication for brands. So it is the right time for you to add this to your strategic plans for 2018.

2. Improved Digital Assistance:

The connection with users will be more important than ever. For 24/7 contact and support the evolution of chatbots with common answers and information directing abilities will be mandatory. It will not only improve the comfort of users but will also raise their expectations from sites as they become more used to these chatbots. Robo-advisors on websites and mobile apps with wealth management advice and virtual advisors are becoming more and more popular.
Improved Digital Assistance:
3. Artificial Intelligence (AI) will seep into our life:

The buzz of using AI to manage and process the ever-increasing data is around for decades and 2018 is believed to give a huge breakthrough to AI technology not just in web and digital industry but also in homes, workplaces and on the commute. With technologies like machine learning, cognitive computing, data analysis and language understanding AI will rapidly seep into our lives.
Artificial Intelligence (AI)
4. Virtual Reality is the new trend:

Real-time Web apps by sharing information instantly have saved the clients from the discomfort of returning back to the site manually to see new updates. From the heavily relied Ruby on Rails to long-ignored Javascript single-page-applications every website will be needing the incorporation of real-time to flourish in the future. It creates an open connection between the server and the client and provides data immediately to the client automatically. Apps like Cloud 9 IDE, Super Sync Sports, Murally and Firepad with their hot animations will be changing the trend in 2018
Virtual Reality
5. Progressive and Mobile Web Apps:

Progressive Web apps will emerge as the major competitor of native mobile apps in 2018. Utilizing the stored cache data the users will be able to save the shortcut of the frequently used websites on their home screen. This transformation of websites and pages to mobile apps both in function and design will be the new trend as well as a challenge for the websites. With amazing delivery, stylish user experience increased engagement, improved conversions and work reliability web browsing will be more fun and comfortable.
Mobile Web Apps
6. Motion UI:

We all know well-designed websites with elegant animations attracts more web traffic. The race will reach new levels in 2018. Crazy GIFs, flashing ads, and motion UI will be drastically changing the trends of website designing. With infinite options for page header transitions, nice hovers, animated charts, background animations and modular scrolling, websites will be more attractive and stylish. Long-form content, full-screen video, gradients, vibrant colors, illustrations will bring revolution in content writing making them more palatable.
Motion UI

7. Content marketing will be more important than ever:

With an improved and wider options for content marketing, website designs and animation will be the main focus for customers. Video editing, animations, graphics designing, content optimization and promotions, advertisement, strategy and campaign management will lift the competition to another level. Only the websites adapted to the changing trends of content marketing will thrive in the near future.
Content marketing
Charming animations with elegant blogs, social media content, webinars, and infographics will define the websites in 2018.

Although digital trends can change as quickly as they develop, it is important to stay on top of what is currently popular in the industry and with users. Not just fast and easy information, but smart, connected and stylish way of conveying information will be the main goal in the upcoming year.

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