How To Handle a Social Media Crisis

[ PODCAST ] Episode #5: How To Handle a Social Media Crisis

How To Handle a Social Media Crisis

How To Handle a Social Media Crisis

Hey everyone, Alex Lee here from De Mellows, Singapore’s leading digital agency. We help businesses get more clients and grow their business and authority online. Today I’m going to share with you what to do during a social media crisis.

Humans run your social media accounts but on the other hand, your customers or prospects are also humans and problems may arise for some reason or the other. That is why we need to prepare and plan if a crisis comes especially online. Here are some necessary steps to follow to alleviate the damage caused by a social media crisis:

Create a Social Media Policy
A documented social media policy must be established. When you have clear guidelines for your staff on what or what not to post – you must lessen the risk of someone going rogue and sending your social media profiles into the whirlwind. You must also ensure your staff knows how and when to answer to avoid unwarranted confrontations or fights online.

Acknowledge and Apologize
Acknowledge your mistakes and apologize if there is a mistake on your end. In the meantime, keep the discussion to a more personal channel, like private messaging or take it offline. You could offer an email address, a phone number, or other means of communication outside social media. You have to diffuse the situation well and may not necessarily be an apology but you must be level headed at all times to ensure both you and the other party walk away satisfied.

Pause Scheduled Posts
Postpone your scheduled posts. Nothing says, “We don’t care what you think” more than posting irrelevant content in the middle of a crisis. This will only make your brand look inconsiderate and insensitive.

Evaluate and Learn
Before you hop in and start the response phase of your plan, figure out if the crisis in question is a real crisis.

  • Key questions to ask:
    – What caused the problem?
    – How could you stop it from happening again?
    – How well did you react?
    – What could you do better next time?

Mistakes happen, and more brands will see a social media crisis occur than those who don’t. Responding quickly and being transparent is the key. This shows your customers and prospective customers that you care.

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