General Enquires

Why Work With De Mellows ?

We are a digital agency that has been around for around 12 years when the average life span of a digital agency is less than 4. So that speaks volumes of our reliability, experience and track record. We ensure you sleep better at night while we work our butts off to make your business better.

Why Are You Different From The Other Digital Agencies?

90% of digital agencies do the same old thing. They do Search engine marketing ( SEO) or Search engine optimisation( SEM) or use social media to drive traffic and hope and pray that this traffic converts. That is akin to gambling so you might as well buy a lottery ticket. We on the other hand , ensure your destination and foundation is proper before traffic is generated. We have a 9 step unique blueprint for success which ensures results. They don’t 🙂

Do You Guarantee Success?

It depends entirely on what you want to achieve. Our track record is great and we are proud of it so if big brands can trust us so can you. Results vary from client to client so no two cases are alike. We only use proven and tested strategies so our success rate is awesome! No one can guarantee results and if they do, run far away….far far away.

What is a marketing funnel ?

A marketing funnel is a system that helps guide or induce your target audience to make a decision which generally should end up in filling an enquiry form, booking an appointment or you getting a sale or something that you want them to do. Every website should be a funnel by itself so as to ensure your customer is guided to make the decision you want them to make which will benefit your business. Sadly , most website designers or business owners don’t know this.

What is a converting website design?

A website is not an online corporate brochure. A converting website uses psychological and emotional methodologies to get your potential customers to take an action. It could be buying, booking an appointment or even downloading something. It creates a powerful customer journey so you can generate more leads from it as compared to a normal website which is just eye candy.

What is traffic for funnels ?

So since you have an online presence, traffic generation is crucial. It is basically doing online marketing using SEO, SEM, Social media, content marketing, email marketing, podcasts, webinars and other different methods to generate interest so that they eventually can become paying customers

What is social proof?

Social proof is basically giving “ proof” that your business is reliable and trustworthy. That means using 3rd party references ,testimonials, case studies, reviews, etc. If your online social proof is poor, you definitely will not be able to grow your business because there is a lack of trust.

What are webinars?

Webinars are basically powerful step by step video presentation which can be done LIVE or recorded, that can generate trust, reputation, authority and much more so as to convince your target audience that you are THE ONLY ONE that they should do business with. It is powerful.

Conversion rate optimisation ( CRO )

98 % of websites are losing potential customers. A lot of them come to your site and move away to your competitors so you have a problem because they are not convinced . So we help you optimise your messaging and proposition using 27 different protocols, so that your chances of getting their contact details for follow up or to get them to buy, increases multiple fold. It is basically to increase your chances of acquiring that customer.

How much do you charge?

We do not offer package solutions. We believe that every business is unique and hence we can only quote based on what we feel you need. Get a free quote and find out for yourself 🙂

Are you expensive?

A lot of our clients learnt “expensive” lessons before they came to us. They hired the wrong company and they lost a lot of money which was an expensive lesson. Never go for price when choosing a vendor. Always choose value and track record over everything else.We have a 9 step unique blueprint for success which ensures results. They don’t 🙂

Is there like a flexible payment structure?

Yes, we do offer flexible payment plan. Get in touch with us

Do you offer a money back guarantee program?

Yes we do. It is for our converting website design only that we offer that and if you are not happy the design in the design phase of the project, ask us for the deposit and we will refund it to you in full. No one offers that, just for your info 🙂

Your process seems tedious while other digital agencies don’t have this level of detailing.

Yes it is and you should be happy that we do a proper analysis on your business, competitors and industry so that we can position you well. Most agencies do not care about this hence that is what makes us competent in our field.

How is your support like?

We offer 24 hour response for all enquiries. We also give constant updates and reports to our clients for all projects. Stay Calm and Choose De Mellows.

Everyone is doing website design and digital marketing , so isn’t yours the same?

We don’t do website design and digital marketing. We help businesses grow their online presence using multiple strategies which will boost your brand. Any kid can do website design and digital marketing. That is totally different from what we are doing.