E-Marketing Strategizing


So, you have a great product that will simply breathe life into the market. Good! Now, all you need to do is market it. And what better way than to market it over the net? We are living in cyber age, after all. Umm… Not so fast, as many e-tailers are likely to forewarn you. E-mail marketing or E-marketing is not a simple matter of sending out emails to a – potentially – vast subscriber base that will happily click onto your ad and take it from there. The best of products end up in spam folders as they are seen as e-tailing irritants, more than anything else.

One of the basic principles of e-marketing, therefore, would be to refrain from sending out unsolicited mail. Also, do take a close look at the terms of usage spelt out by your Internet Service Provider or ISP. If your e-marketing gambit ends up in trash chances of being branded DOS (denial of service) are almost certain. No other ISP would then be willing to touch you with a barge pole.

A lot of e-marketers start out by hiring lists of potential buyers, which is all very well. But do ensure that the lists contain addresses that are current. Otherwise you would simply waste valuable time by sending out mail that doesn’t have the remotest chance of being read by recipients.

Watch out for errors in language. This may not sound all that important but it is, as many a hapless e-marketer or e-tailer will testify. Since most e-mail marketing occurs in English it is well-advised to get an English language expert run an eye over your content, especially if your native language is not English. Grammatical errors within the content reduce your credibility and also put off potential buyers. Also, make sure that your software has a sound spell-check in place as spelling mistakes can spell a death knell to your otherwise sound product. Get your English language expert to proof-read if possible.

Presentation of content too, is of prime importance as many e-marketing veterans will tell you. Your best bet is to make it as enticing as possible. Do bear in mind an important rule of thumb, though. Which is- do not, at any cost, to tell your subscribers how to make money. If that is one of the spin-offs of your business, however, try and be subtle about it. You might, for instance, offer freebies like an extra product. It is a gimmick quite a few psychics and astrologers employ with considerable success.

While on content, another important rule of thumb is terseness. Keep you content short and catchy. And if you have links embedded in you content make sure that they can be clicked and followed up with minimum hassle. Dead-end links give rise to frustration and short circuit your growing clientele.

One last word of advice: personalize, if you can. According to market research recipients who feel they are simply a number in a list will reject your product quicker than you will ever realize.

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