Our Process

You won’t lose out with the 6-step process we have carefully curated. Backed by its proven track
record of helping our clients take their businesses to greater heights, we are confident it can do the same for you.
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The NOW & NEXT Phase is the start of the branding process where we contextualise the current challenge your company is facing and do a brand audit of all the brand’s touchpoints and the current messaging in play to the marketplace.


Phase 2 is the research phase of the project, where we conduct a mix of qualitative and quantitative interviews with the management of your company, staff and clients (or customers) of your company. From the information and insights garnered, we will proceed to develop the company SWOT analysis and present this in an intuitive way.


We will analyse your top-of-mind competitors and look at their brand strength and communication. We do this by dissecting their available brand logo, collateral and messaging and assess their threat levels to you vis-à-vis the target customer base.


In this phase, we focus on creating the right tone and a strong narrative to distinguish your brand as well as position you in a way so as to make your brand and messaging more enticing to your target audience.


The design phase is more of the corporate identity design part where we create the right mood for your brand via its different offerings so as to visually stimulate the senses to reflect the ethos of your brand and to ensure the synergy is reflected across all mediums.


Activation is where deployment of assets and strategy are done to generate success while constantly testing for better outcomes for all touchpoints of your branding and marketing strategy. With over 11 years of experience, we know what works where and why. Brand Martech is a system that is proven to work for you.