What Is A Marketing Funnel And Why You Should Have One

People nowadays have developed the habit of researching on the Internet about any product or service they are planning to buy before actually purchasing it.   They use Google the ” Guru of all things”. The Internet has become an unlimited fountain of information for companies, and inbound marketing has become a priority in digital …

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5 Quick Tips on Mobile App Usability

With the rapid increase in technological innovations and digital what-not’s nowadays, it seems as if the business world has been shrouded by the irresistible desire to produce more ways to cope up with the trend. From the mobility of communication devices to the mobility and convertibility of data, down to the ease of access to …


Analyze Your Business to Win

To achieve success in the competitive business world, all business management students are taught about the SWOT analysis and how it can help a business. The SWOT analysis looks at both external and internal factors that can influence any business. The analysis has proved so successful that many organizations outside the traditional business environment have …


Rack Software

When it comes to making decision regarding the purchase of business solution software, you need to consider pros and cons of both off the rack and customized software. Here are some differences which would help you in choosing the right one for you!