6 Reasons why Social Media is a must for your company!


That “man is a social animal” is a well known fact, judged over years of observation and evaluation. With this social behavior came the concept of sharing their emotions on an online platform i.e. social network platforms. With the advent of the internet, many local businesses started getting international exposure Considering the fact that the internet is connecting everyone on the web.

But, at that time the websites were mere information based and provided little or no scope for customer interaction. As the years moved on, businesses found new channels of communication which enabled more emotional and faster customer interaction that proved to be a booster for the company sales and popularity. The social networking sites like Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Instagram and Pintrest were booming with people, interacting with each other within a year of their launch. This scenario presented an ideal and cost effective ground for business to expand and interact more with their customers and also draw in new customers.

Many businesses that are low on marketing budgets or are relatively small startups are relying heavily on these social networking sites and in the hindsight are giving the big shots a good level of competition with their innovative marketing approach. These social media channels also have given the companies to directly connect to their customer base and respond to their comments in real time, giving their customer or followers a satisfying experience. With social media everything became much faster and smoother.

Some of the facts about social media marketing will blow your mind and tell you what your business is missing:

Facts source: 2013 Social Media Marketing Industry Report.

A significant 86% of marketers said that social media was important to their businesses.
By spending as little as 6 hours per week, 64%+ of marketers see lead generation benefits with social media.
75% of marketers reporting positive results in terms of traffic increase as one of the major benefits of social media.
A significant 89% of all businesses that have a dedicated social media platform as part of their marketing strategy reported an increase in their market exposure.
More than half of marketers who have used social media marketing for over 3 years reported an increase in sales over that period.
Facebook and LinkdIn are the two most important social networking sites used by marketers for brand promotion.

Looking into these facts the numbers have significantly increased since the survey was done and they have increased by huge margins. The future of social networking is said to be in promoting videos.

Do a self assessment of your standing today and move ahead faster with social media marketing.

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